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Recent Projects

Sipansihaporas Hydro Plant & Switchyard


This project involved the automation and remote control of two Toshiba turbines, two switch-yards and all associated auxiliaries using two Schneider Quantum hot-standby controllers. These were networked together and to a FactoryLink supervisory system using a redundant Ethernet ITP network and Power Line Carrier.

The upstream power station (35MW) is controlled based on a power output set-point. This set-point can be entered directly by the operator as a constant value or as a daily schedule, which the PLC repeats on a daily basis. The downstream station (17MW) is controlled automatically by the PLC based on the water level in the head tank between the two stations.

Sipansihaporas Case Study [PDF]



This project involved the control of an accumulation conveyor, storing 6000 products in 14 parallel lanes on 6 levels. Three Siemens S7-300 PLCs were used to control 35 variable speed drives, 60 DOL motor starters and 54 solenoid valves.

Horizon Automation Solutions Ltd. first produced a detailed control system specification. This was followed by factory simulation and testing to ensure the concepts designed would work in practice, and then a simulated demonstration for the customer before export of the system to Holland.

Commissioning and handover took place over 3 weekends to ensure minimum disruption to the process.

Ballyogan Recycling Park


The Ballyogan Recycling Park system consists of a network of 4 Schneider PLCs, which manage the plant’s water systems, and a state-of-the-art SCADA system, communicating over a Unitelway network.

The SCADA system includes animated mimics, user and role based security and real-time and historic view of all alarms, events and analog signals.

ESB Ardnachusha and Cliff Hydro Power Stations


Ardnacrusha consists of three Francis and one Kaplan turbine controlled by Neyrpic governors and supervised by Siemens Simatic S5-115H hot-standby PLCs. Cliff consists of two 10MW Francis turbines controlled by Woodward governors and supervised by Siemens Simatic S5-115H PLCs.

Both projects involved Horizon Automation Solutions Ltd. reviewing the signals transferred over the Modbus RTU communications link between the governors and PLCs to allow for the upgrade of the main SCADA system.